One ticket a day, keeps the love away…

A few days ago I my husband came home with a #surprise… He didn’t want to tell me everything right away, so I thought something awful had happened. It is surprising how many thoughts cross your mind within nano seconds. Really, at least two options were flashing by… The first possibility was my mother in law; she is always sick; sometimes it’s serious but most of the time she’s just whining, so I wondered if perhaps she was in some hospital again with some vague symptoms no one could figure out. The second thing that came to my head was my husband’s job. This I was very concerned about because he lost his job a year ago and since then he’s working for an unemployment agency. So the thought of losing income and security AGAIN was pretty scary. The moment he walked through the back door he was yelling and saying how very angry he was. “I’ll tell you later what’s wrong” he said. Well, if your’e so upset I would like to know now what is the matter.

But I would find out a few seconds later and got just as upset as he was. My sweet husband had not been in shock because of his mother, neither because he lost any job, no, my husband was angry because he had gotten a #ticket… He drove through a red light and this joke costs us only € 240,00. I was flabbergasted. I’m sorry, You’re the one that drove through a red traffic light, no one else, so why are you so angry? But I got angry also. Because he came in shouting I had the feeling he tried to take the wind out of my sails so I had nothing to be angry about; he already was, wasn’t he?

I was disappointed, earlier this year he had received  more tickets, even one with the same traffic violation. One holiday has been payed in tickets… Well the tone had been set for the evenening… Everything costs money, the children’s school, clothing, food, sports, everything; from the day to your birth till the day you’ll die, only the sun is shining for free, the rest costs. But when my money is spent through fines or tickets, I am not amused. 

At moments like this, the first thing on my mind is to go and eat some delicious piece of chocolate… This always give me some kind of comfort haha. Chocolate doesn’t discuss or argue, chocolates just understands me in times of despair haha. But I also wish to have a butt made of concrete and I know eating chocolate won’t help me to achieve this goal. So I grabbed my bag with training clothes and went to the gym. Here I got a wonderful work-out and got home totally relaxed. I realized he did not make his mistakes on purpose. He is a sweet man and I wouldn’t mis him for the world. So I decided to be reasonable and let my own mistakes cross my mind to reflect a little bit. I came home and gave him a kiss. Okay, I didn’t sleep as well as I allways do, but I was on the right way. I did my best. Just as he did when promising to push his car along instead of using his gas pedal 😉

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