Unique as you are

I talk a lot. And when I say a lot, I actually mean: all day long, allmost every minute and hour. And when I don’t speak I’m thinking. This can be helpful at times, but sometimes I get tired of myself talking and thinking and repeating so many thougths in my head – it is actually possible to discuss with yourself.
But unfortunately, this is me. When I was little,  people  used to say to me not to be so keen and as I remember, this I heard at least a few times a day. When I look back I find it a miracle this didn’t affect my self confidence because I always found myself to be uniquely.
Maybe it sounds as if I was spoiled or smug, but I wasn’t. And as I am thinking this over right now, I’m not unfortunately at all. Actually I am quite lucky! My parents always told me to be one of a kind. And this I loved to believe. Wouldn’t everyone love to be unique? Don’t we all want to be someone special? Is’t it a beautiful thougt to be irreplaceable?
I teached my three children the same thing. I want them to feel just as special as I did (and when no one listens – I still repeat this to myself 😉 to pimp my self esteem when feeling a little down: as in PMS haha.We all are unique, we all are special and we all are remarkable individuals. Maybe you think of yourself otherwise, but still you are one of a kind. With all your flaws or imperfections.
We are #perfect in our own way. So if your mother, father husband or whoever tells you not to be, remember there’s no one like you. We are all a product  made of all unique ingredients.  And all this has melted together beautifully and became you!
Ofcourse we aren’t perfect (although the thougt of being perfect isn’t as bad as it sounds 😉 but we can always do our best to make the best of everything. So the next time I wonder if I don’t speek or think too much, I will think again and be happy with my busy brain; at least one person in the world understands me perfectly: ME!!

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