Just to say Hi!

While typing this blog I just took a quick peak in the statistics. And there, I saw a few people of the U.S. were taking a look at my blog. Of course, when you click at my site, by accident or because you wanted to, you notice immediately this blog is written in Dutch.

But still it is fun to see you saw my writing. Either if you stayed or just had a fast look and switched away. I started this blog because my head is filled with thougths and my heart is filled with emotions. It’s obvious most people have other interests than reading what I write but you never know. Perhaps there are a few who do like to read the stories I like to tell.

Since I was a small kid I wrote in my diary. I could hardly write but felt a strong need to bring my feelings into words so I could read them back. Now I’m grown up and still it is nice to have my thoughts and emotions on paper; at least it does not talk back when I’m in a complaining mood. As you maybe have read, I keep up diaries for my three children. I write and stick photo’s on different pages for them, scrapbooking, so they will have tanglible memories they can look at when ther’re grown up.

By writing this blog I would find it great to reach people all over our world. Ofcourse it is difficult to write in English  (therefore there is a translation button on the site :-). After all, it has been a while since I left school and when doing my job I don’t have to write or speak English most of the time. And when I do….Google is my friend 😉

So when it is you, reading my piece of life, maybe you’ll find it fun to read along. And maybe leave a small comment to make my day. I’ll do my best making this a blog that’s nice to read when your’re bored or just want to read a little story about a girl in Holland…!

For now, Thanks for reading and maybe, see you next time!

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